Spirit Island (cooperative board game)

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Spirit Island (cooperative board game)

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There's lots of parts. I think it's too busy to grok for party night. As an addition for a regular game group, though, it's got a lot to offer.

The turn structure is "we go" which helps with downtime. The powers are range limited so there's lots of decisions, but most spirits need to focus on a specific area of the map. You can choose to play more complicated spirits which give you more ability to interact with other players or the more complicated map, or both, but these are both optional.

The difficulty has a few independent knobs to turn. We can easily beat the basic game, but with a couple changes the difficulty ramps up smoothly. Seems well-designed.

There are multiple victory conditions, so if you get overwhelmed in one aspect you can still eke out a win somewhere else.

Several spirits have good synergy, so maybe some scenarios/difficulties that seem impossible can be approachable with the right strategy. You don't have to rely purely on dice rolls to have a better than average run.

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