Gerrymandered districts and the Nov 2006 election

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Gerrymandered districts and the Nov 2006 election

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Apparently the Republican party is starting its infighting and one of the hotly contested seats is in California district 11.
Richard Pombo of Tracy faces his first primary challenge in years from Paul "Pete" McCloskey, 78, a former maverick Republican congressman who represented the Peninsula in the 1970s. ... J29LA1.DTL
Old time Republicans like Pete McCloskey are taking it to the neo conservative part of the party on issues like ethics and the budget. It's good that Republicans are standing up for change as well because the districts are so gerrymandered that Democrats hardly stand a chance. For instance, let's look at California Districts. ... ngress.pdf

District 11 wraps itself around and into 4 different counties. District 3 snakes way across the state from the Nevada border. District 1 snakes across into what should probably be district 2 or maybe 3.

I hope we can at least get some real republicans back in the house if democrats can't reclaim it.
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A poll that looks at the 50 contested House districts finds that they're overwhelming going to vote Democrat (40 of the districts were won by Republicans).

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