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Turel is a long-time follower of the Broken God. He spreads the faith, providing succor to the maimed and disfigured, diseased and shunned, the cracked and scarred. He fervently believes in the value of maintaining life, at whatever the cost to the body or the mind. The broken have a power that must come out and be recognized!

Turel knows the true history of the Broken God as one of the first 20 followers. Although physically scarred across his body (repeated whipping by chains), his true malformity is his mind, which has accepted deformation as a higher state than being whole. All should strive to be deformed, damaged, diseased and broken. And so come to the Broken God, may his touch remake you to be without.

Character Sheet


  • The Broken God
    • Domain of the maimed, deformed, disfigured, diseased, deranged (physically and mentally); all otherwise outcast
  • Precept: important sacrificial rites
    • Petition: Offering (secret)


Level HP Armor Damage Load
10 21 2 1d6+1 13
18 9 13 16 18 8
+3 +1 +2 +3 -1

Cleric Moves

Divine Grants Divine Blessings Rotes Spells Chosen Spell Special
Divine Guidance Divine Protection Light Cause Fear Contagion Whispers in Darkness
Commune Divine Intervention -> Divine Invincibility Sanctify Magic Weapon Anointed Spell
Spell Casting Serenity -> Providence Guidance Polymorph Sever
Turn Undead Cure Light Wounds Plague


Peasant tunic-style robes (poor and priestly)[0 weight]
well-used chain-link flail, worn as a belt [1 weight]
-> (enhanced) against undead: infuse the undead with malformed life essence when striking
Adventuring Gear x2 (10 uses) [1 weight]
Poultice & Herbs x1 (1 use) [1 weight]
Sanctified Goblin Rations x1 (5 uses) [1 weight]
Unknown potion x1 [0 weight]
dagger x1 [1 weight]
Gas Potions x2 [0 weight]
Horn carried by Custodian x1 [0 weight]
Horn carried by Force contingent x1 [0 weight]
Golden Chalice [120 coin, 0 weight]
Rations x3 (13 uses) [1 weight]
Bandages x2 (6 uses) [0 weight]
Bag of Books x1 (5 uses) [2 weight]


  • Haakov has insulted my deity; I do not trust him.
  • Thorn is in constant danger, I will keep him safe (because he has a role in the changes to come).

Trinx was found to be a good and faithful person, whom Turel trusted implicitly.
Turel attempted to convert Rhovandir to his faith (that there is power in the crippled).
Trinx took a great risk and Turel provided the blessings and help of the Broken God.