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  • Life is perfectible.
    • Create the perfect lifeform which has all traits and communes with Void

Pure scientific knowledge. Life science.

Was captured in a Rajput raid from a Drifter hab. Got offered better facilities for his research. Got tired of Rajput ethics boards for his experiments. Eventually escaped from under the thumb of Rajput governance and returned to Drifter .

His most prized work is Frank is a thing of fur with numerous, prime articulated spider crab legs. (Fast, silent, adaptable, terrifying). Lamprey teeth without jaws. Rings of eye clusters.

Drives around in a personal deep space hab with a joystick and a bunch of actuators.

Tinkered around with lots of traits before he realized the power of the Void.

When he hits mk15, he'll be a big queen bug.

Working on organelle research. Is it gate-related?

Has labattoir.

Knows how to engineer Rimdal's metabolic pathway into other critters.

Has it out for the Maratha because they refused to fund one of his research proposals.