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Thorn's Summer Vacation

Thorn took a look at the rough situation in Dwinton and figured he had better get the King & Voidlocks off the party's tail by turning himself in. He willingly went with Captain Lendt and was taken back to Imperial City in chains. By cooperating with the King and giving him the magical aid and knowledge he demanded, Thorn was able to keep out of fetters and the King's dungeon, though he was kept under constant surveillance.

While pretending to be the King's cowed and servile captive, Thorn pieced together and foiled a plot by the King to collaborate with the Ossimer by selling out the Hugling tribe and the scattered elven clans. The King's agents had tracked down more of the magical stones used in converting more people to the Ossimer side to broker an alliance with the Ossimer. Thorn absconded with the stones to the Fae, preventing the conversion of the barbarians and elves.

In the Fae, Thorn sought to learn enough about the Realms to lock the Ossimer threat away forever since the Voidlocks are so far degraded they no longer possess such power. Thorn befriended Catha, an intelligent Glyptodon whose days were spent wandering the wild and watching bats cavort and wheel at dusk. She liked to feed the bats by forcing tiny flitting horrors from the Void into the Fae by twisting the membrane between Realms. Catha does not care about the Imperium or the Ossimer, but she was amused enough by Thorn's dogged persistence in studying her miniscule playthings for days on end that she agreed to accompany him back to the Real. She is utterly indifferent to Thorn's predictions of doom for the Real and Fae, but she is excited by his intimation that she might learn to squeeze something through that could eat the bats. (Hireling: Adept 6, Loyalty 1, Tracker 1, Cost of Uncovered Knowledge)

Having deduced the nature of the seal from his observations of Catha's magic, Thorn managed to discern the activities of a spellcaster trying to rip a hole in the seal separating the Void and the Real, replicating what Catha was doing but for entities much larger. The spellcaster in question was well-guarded against magical meddling, but Thorn thought a mundane party of assassins and adventurers would fly under the radar. He persuaded the head of an assassin's guild to send Dartemein and others to seek the party with instructions to kill the spellcaster and repair the damage. The party instead weakened the seal further at the ancient Voidlock tower. Ossimer agents intercepted the message. The spellcaster's spell worked beautifully. The seal is now tattered.

Clearly there was a limit to how much Thorn was going to accomplish in the Fae. He went back to the Real.

On his return, Thorn attempted to expose the King's nasty deal as a bid for allies. Thorn, by dint of some fast talking with age-old friends, casting a couple of surreptitious charms, and one very intense duel, did persuade the elven clans to unite against their true foe, the Ossimer. They have very different ideas about how to prosecute this war than Thorn does, though. Whatever influence he had is now spent.

The barons, on the other hand, denounced the King and openly announced their independence from the Imperium. Worse yet, the Hugling tribe treated the revelation of the King's misdeeds as a declaration of war by the entire southern populace. Open war in the Imperium, both civil and un-, is the result.

Some last ditch negotiating by Thorn did not go well. The Huglings are sacking Imperial City because the Imperial army was off fighting rebellious barons. Thorn belatedly realized he was in danger. He and Catha fled into a Voidlock tower to escape through the teleport circle on the top, but they were pursued.


Thorn is an elven wizard. He has sharp eyes, a pointed hat (very wizardy), a worn kimono, and a thin body.

He has the sharp eyes one gets from being on the road continuously for decades, questing for knowledge not sought or possessed by anyone else in the world. He has met many new faces, mighty heroes, devious villains, and innumerable common folks and figured out which were the threats and which could aid him. He depends upon his wits and tongue to see him safely through the world.

He has the pointed hat of a wizard, which is his foremost passion. His dedication to the study of magic does not run to huge displays of power, but rather to the fundamental principles of his craft. Any magic-user can kill with a thought, but Thorn can explain exactly how.

He has the worn kimono of someone who has traveled far where such things are common. The kimono is a rich silk brocade, or was originally. Years of hard use by an uncaring owner have dulled the patterns and encased the garment in food stains and travel dust. Thorn is a sophisticate, but not an elite. He is originally from an elven settlement which lived simply, in tune with the land. He retains a distinctly exurban vibe despite his travels. He may have been greeted warmly by rich and influential people the world over, but cares little for material treasures. He does recognize these things have some pull with others, however.

He has the thin body of an elf who does not eat, rest, nor train his body sufficiently. He is driven, for by happenstance he has acquired many close observations of powerful magic-users entering the Fae over many centuries which led him to conclude the Fae is drawing nearer to the Real. The pace appears to accelerate. Already it appears the energy required to enter the Fae today is much reduced compared to legend. What happens when the barrier is zero and the veil drops?

He believes that the shady deal-maker Roth has connections, some well-placed, some unsavory, both of which Thorn will need access to in order to prevent collision of the Fae realm into the Real.

Character Sheet


Faen Starshine Mail glow, armor 1, weight 0

This magical armor is made of starshine. In bright sunlight it seems to be many hundreds of layers of hazy gauze, linked together as chain mail. When you roll 10+ on the Counterspell move while wearing this armor, you may ask the GM one question about your foe.

  • 2 elven rations
  • 1 dart (shaky)
  • 1 staff
  • 3 healing potions
  • Bag of books, 4 uses


  • Str 9
  • Con 13
  • Dex 8 (shaky)
  • Int 18
  • Wis 16
  • Cha 14


Know-It-All Whenever a party member comes to Thorn for advice on a situation and he provides some, the party member takes +1 forward when acting on that advice and Thorn marks experience.

Counterspell When Thorn attempts to counter an arcane spell that will otherwise affect him, he stakes one of his prepared spells on the defense and roll+Int. ✴On a 10+, the spell is countered and has no effect on Thorn. ✴On a 7-9, the spell is countered and Thorn forgets the spell he staked. Thorn's counterspell protects only him; if the countered spell has other targets they get its effects.

Empowered Magic When you cast a spell, on a 10+ you have the option of choosing from the 7-9 list. If you do, you may choose one of these as well:

  • The spell’s effects are maximized
  • The spell’s targets are doubled

Quick Study When you see the effects of an arcane spell, ask the GM the name of the spell and its effects. You take +1 when acting on the answers.

Protective Counterspell When an ally within sight of you is affected by an arcane spell, you can counter it as if it affected you. If the spell affects multiple allies you must counter for each ally separately.


Level 1


Charm Person

Magic Missile


Level 3

Dispel Magic



Level 5

Contact Other Plane


  • Turel will play an important role in the events to come (if he survives). Thorn has foreseen it!
  • Turel is misinformed about the world. Thorn will do his best to teach him.
  • Thorn owes Rhovandir a boon for accidentally burning him in the dwarven temple.

Thorn implicitly trusted Trinx because of her eagerness to assist him. Thorn relied on her.

Trinx is clever and curious. Thorn took her under his wing.

Rhovandir used to be keeping a secret from Thorn about our quarry's attack on his tribe.


The soldiers of Captain Lendt, a warrior in the employ of the High Steward, attempted to kidnap Thorn. After Thorn told Rinnick all he knew of the return of the Ossimer and the disturbing collsion of the Fae into the Real, he disappeared. Against his will, or as planned?