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Rinnick's parents died on their rural farm to a goblin raid when he was too young to remember. He was taken in by his academic uncle in the Von Schmuck city-state. Under his uncle's tutelage he was taught to read and raised with an insatiable intellectual curiosity. He grew up a powerful, stocky boy, though--one who would have fit in well in the rough life of a rural farm.

The boy was 17 when his uncle was murdered in his study late one night. Rinnick woke to smoke in the house as the house's small library burned around his uncle's dead body. Despite having no real enemies, the boy was framed: all doors and windows to the small estate were locked and a freshly-bloodied dagger was found under Rinnick's bed by the guards later that day.

The last thing Rinnick remembered of his bookish uncle was the older man being excited about some discovery regarding that favorite topic of academic theorists: the Ossimer. He had been eager to share it will his colleagues the next day. Before the guards showed up to see to the flames, Rinnick found a small scrap of paper clenched in his uncle's fist, a hastily scrawled, unidentifiable Ossimer symbol on it. The boy pocketed the paper just before he was dragged away.

Rinnick was saved by Baron Von Schmuck's constant need for fresh military bodies--especially strong, young men like Rinnick. The Magistrate offered to forgive Rinnick's alleged crimes in exchange for five years hard military service for the Baron. Combat hardened the naive Rinnick into a scarred, ruthless warrior. But his uncle's lessons stuck with him, and he never lost his thirst for knowledge and curious nature. It took him years to give up his fruitless search for the meaning behind his uncle's Ossimer symbol. Although he had no clues to go on, he has never given up hope of finding the killers who framed him.

It was during this time, after the siege of another Baron's outlying cities, that Rinnick briefly met Turel. The many wounded were taken by Rinnick and other survivors to the town's clerics, one of which introduced himself as Turel and eagerly took in all that his meager accommodations could handle. Rinnick himself rested there for a full week, checking in on his ailing comrades frequently. Although he was saddened to see that so many would be permanently crippled, Rinnick was impressed by the healer's ability to save so many who would have surely died under the ministrations of the army's regular medics.

After his time in Von Schmuck's service ended, Rinnick took his experience to the road and hired himself out as a guard to travelling mages, wizards and academics. He chose his clients carefully, always aiming to escort someone between baronies or cities who could teach him a little more about the world--or what lay beyond it. He'd often accept pay in the form of rare books or access to restricted royal archives. Equally often a wandering warlock or wizard would exchange lessons about strange magics or spells for the warrior's company.

And this is how Rinnick now finds himself on the road to Dwinton, escorting a talkative wizard eager to look into these rumored Ossimer activities and ruins. His current charge paid him in an aging spellbook and some simple lessons on magic. Something finally clicked in the old wizard's teachings, linking together years of disparate advice. Rinnick can feel something whispering in the back of his mind now, like the waking of a long-hibernating animal...


Rinnick is tall and broad, with the stocky, powerful build of a man who comes from generations of farmers and manual laborers. He keeps his dark hair cropped choppy and short, his military days making him value practicality over appearance. His body is pitted and slashed with various scars and old wounds, and his skin has the rough, weathered tone of a hard life spent outdoors.

He is missing his left eye, lost to an orc's ax that left a puckered vertical scar above and below the socket. One of his mage escorts years ago repaid his services by crafting a glass one for him. The perfectly round marble of milky-white has dim runes barely visible beneath its surface. Thanks to the mage's inscrutable enchanting, Rinnick can see clearly through the false eye, although he generally doesn't let that be widely known.

The Hammer Caladbolg

It was in the second year of Rinnick's service to Von Schmuck that they were assaulting a group of pirates holed up in an old coastal temple. Midway through, fighting their way through dusty halls of some long-forgotten gods, the floor gave way beneath Rinnick. He found himself in a crumbling tomb, obviously long ago looted and picked apart.

But the sarcophagus at the far end of the room called to him. Laid lengthwise down the moon-white bones was a war hammer of dark metal, its head and handle carved with strange, spiraling runes. And Rinnick simply knew, somehow, that it was the hammer Caladbolg, older than the oldest human kingdoms. He knew that he was far from the first warrior chosen to wield it, and he would not be the last.

His friends in the army laughed at his ancient weapon, their test swings showing that it was far too heavy to be useful. But it felt fine to Rinnick. It swung true, it's black head crumpling armor like parchment, it's short undulled spikes leaving gaping wounds. And from that point on, Rinnick was never without the weapon, its head hanging comfortably in a loop at his waist.



Str 16 Dex 12 Con 13 Int 15 Wis 9 Cha 8


Bend Bars, Lift Gates When you use pure strength to destroy an inanimate obstacle, roll +STR. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2.

  • It doesn't take a very long time.
  • Nothing of value is damaged.
  • It doesn't make an inordinate amount of noise.
  • You can fix the thing again without a lot of effort.

Battle Instincts When you confront a worthy foe, roll +STR. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend 1 hold at any time to do one of the following:

  • Negate a move made by your worthy foe as it is made.
  • Discover a way to exploit the environment to your advantage.
  • Discover a previously unknown weakness of your worthy foe.
  • Discover a previously unknown strength of your worthy foe.

Signature Weapon Caladbolg is a Hammer with Close range. The spiked head and uncanny heft grant it +2 piercing and +1 damage. It weighs 2.


  • I respect Turel as a kind, healing soul who aids those less fortunate than him.
  • I am impressed by tales of the Muskling Tribe's ferocity, but fear that Haakov's headstrong nature will be the death of him.