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Rhovandir is an unusually tall man for an elf, standing at about 6'1 in the imperial measure. Large buck horns rise from his forehead through slits that he has cut in his hood. Dark black hair spills from the lower lip of the hood and he wears loose practical leathers while he travels. His eyes are a deep crimson and his skin has a faint purplish tint which is accentuated in bright light. Like many of his tribe, he is a druid, capable of changing form to suit his need.

Long ago his people broke off from the main branch of elven civilization. The rift was caused by a philosophical difference. The main branch of elves felt that they should craft works to celebrate the forms of nature, while Rhovandir's people felt that even to craft in imitation of a form was to lessen it. This small and hearty band left elven civilization to live closer to the land. They craft only those objects which are necessary for them to survive, but have been known to take a few trinkets here and there when they feel that such items will have use to them. Slowly, civilization has encroached upon the lands that Rhovandir's people once kept free of civilized influence. They have been pushed into the north, where they live in what others would find a cold and barren land, finding beauty where others find bleakness and warring occasionally with those who would change nature's face.

A few months ago a small group of these elves was venturing near the border of their territory when a raiding party (raiding for what, we do not know) took them by surprise. Only a handful survived, and among them was Rhovandir. The raiders fled, but as they crested a hill near the site of the battle, Rhovandir regained consciousness from the blow he had taken to the head. Placing his hand on the ground, he rejoined his blood with the land and swore an oath to kill all who travelled in that warband and any who had dared to pay them for the task. He set out immediately, following the band as a hawk, circling high above them in the cold mountain air. Three days after the raid, the band broke up, striking out in twos and threes to their various destinations. Rhovandir followed two of them and killed them in the night after they had first made camp. Charged by a polar bear as they made camp, they never knew that Rhovandir had been part of the group they had attacked. Then Rhovandir set to tracking the rest, and followed one man back to the Imperial City, where he and he companions apparently hired themselves out as sell swords. When that man exited the gates of the city, Rhovandir began to follow him, only to find that he was not alone in his pursuit. Four strangers were also following his quary. They might not be the ideal allies, but in this their goals and his goals were aligned. He would follow with them for as long as they tracked the man. Then he would kill the man. When they all returned to the city, he would find out who had hired this man and begin the next stage of his vengance.


Rhovandir creates a pact with the spirit of the stone to restrain the earth elemental, but Rhovandir has to create an earth elemental by the next full moon

That was 22 days ago. Rhovandir must journey to the Iron Road abandoned dwarven settlement, as it is a deep cave on an intersection of ley lines which will allow him to call an earth elemental into being.