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Fo[r]ewarning: Turel Emim Rapha'im will be your cleric. Yes, you want the operation.

House Rules

  • Change the Bolster move: When your character is awesome, earn 1 preparation, not when you spend a week preparing. You may spend that preparation as normal. You may also spend one month to earn 3 preparation as normal. Everyone is granted 1 preparation to start.
  • When describing the fiction, treat your characters as if they had access to all their class moves. They do not have all the moves mechanically, but before you are experienced enough to achieve the effect you really want you can often do something similar that is almost as good. The success may be not as straightforward as when you actually pick up the move, or the complications may be more dire, or the odds of failure may be increased, but you can attempt something. You are not without wiles. This rule applies to multiclass moves as well, for the classes that have them.
  • When you trigger Spout Lore on something your character has detailed knowledge of, you may take +1 forward on the roll.
  • No table talk while conversing with an unallied NPC. Whatever you say in a conversation, your character says. During combat or in hostile territory, table talk simulates your characters' finely honed instincts and long nights spent discussing tactics. Table talk outside of conversations with unallied NPCs is perfectly fine and definitely encouraged. Of course, you're always free to make moves and describe other fiction while conversing with an unallied NPC, as well. This rule is really about keeping conversations with NPCs tight, tense, and pointed.


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