Liam Mendelsteim

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Liam has been busy with extracurricular activities. Clear your XP and mark one new trait. Then, roll+CHA. On a 10+, choose two deals. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 6-, GM tells you how your deal-making went awry.

  • You gained a hireling while in Dani Himear. Pirate, miner, or someone else altogether? He has 4 total points distributed between loyalty, a skill, and a secondary skill.
  • You smuggled out a Miracle under the noses of Maas Neotech while in Tekel Over. There's probably a buyer in the Syndicate, but this one is so nice you might just keep it.
  • You made a new ally while in Freya. Are they aligned with a faction, or an independent operator? What kind of pull do they have?