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Kujtesë (Memory), Pëkillim (Sorrow), Gjemb (Thorn)
"The name that is, the name that will come, and the name of necessity..."


Gjemb is of average height for a singer, and stands slightly stooped forward at ~120 cm and ~22 kg. As a singer, he has greater hearing than humans, night vision, dappled skin and uses the metric system. His skin is primarily brown, with random lighter and darker patches, none of which are recognizably distinct. This effect, coupled with his natural clothing, provides him a natural camouflage in the wilderness (although the effect is lost in settlements). His eyes are clear and solid yellow, completely unmarred. He is also lean and surprisingly clean, as if he'd just bathed and not been living in the wilderness.

He wears pants of darkened woven flax, clearly well-worn and supported by a simple length of leather. This belt has numerous pouches along its length, of three main sizes. Most are small, with one that is large enough to carry a few items of significant size. None are large enough to restrict or restrain movement. About his neck is a necklace of seemingly random items: twigs, stones, bones (including a small bird skull), feathers and other dried, unidentifiable, items. Upon his head are leaves woven through his hair, mostly obscuring the hair. The leaves are not fresh and green, yet neither are they dried and brown.

Gjemb is young for a singer and old for a human, at about 80 years of age. He is an apprentice to the shaman of his people, from whom he's learned how to communicate with the land. Part of his communion with the land is to ritually paint himself with the spore of the earth: mud, blood, berries, rot, detritus. The design is always dictated by the land, the ritual is the art of discovering the right form of the design. From this, he learns how to channel the land. Gjemb is not yet wise - he does not know the song of the earth, but he does know a verse.


Gjemb's master saw a great vision of horror to come and so sent Gjemb into the world. He could not see the full effect, or the string of events that would transpire to cause this end, but he could see the first knot in the string.


4 Maximum

Birch Uriel Nagash Gog Mog
He is a wise man, yet he is surprisingly ready for violence.

After his loss, I must provide him aid and comfort as his kin. (1)

This light that follows him may be dangerous. Is it a blessing of the sky? Or something unnatural from across the seas? (1)
This stone is as a man... or is this man as a stone? (1) The human's beast does not seem fully tamed. I must be careful.

Character Sheet


Level HP Armor Damage Load
4 17 0 1d8 5

Good - Show mercy

8 17 9 13 16 13
-1 +2 +1 +2 +1

Children of the Forest (Singer)
"Those who sing the song of the earth"
Your unarmed strikes have the precise tag.


Conditioned by the Land Move through the Land Connected with the Land Power of the Earth (WIS)
Your body itself is a weapon with hand range. You feel the greater rhythm of events, flowing through the world smoother, such that you gain 2 armor when:
  • you have Focus
  • are unrestrained (carrying less than your load), and
  • wear no armor.
When you take damage, you may spend 1 Focus to gain +2 armor against that damage.
When you have time and tranquility to center your mind and body while rooting yourself to the land, reset your Focus to 3. You cannot have more than 3 Focus at any time. Deeper Roots - Your max focus is 4. Gain 4 focus when you connect with the land. When you inhale/imbibe/ingest/inject an essence representing an aspect of the law, roll +WIS. On a 10+, you are infused by that aspect. On a 7-9, you are infused by that aspect, but must spend 1 Focus or be put in some danger. Essences you know:
  • The Wildness of the Land - your body is a weapon with these tags: hand, close, reach, messy, forceful, +1 damage.
  • The Sharp Edge of Life - your damage is 1d10+Focus
  • From Which We Are Made - you cannot die, so don't make the Last Breath move. If you are still at 0 HP when you lose the aspect, make the Last Breath move as normal.

Advanced Moves

Cloak of the Land Spirit of the Land
When you momentarily confuse your opponent, roll +Focus. On a 10+, you exploit the opportunity to disappear and move anywhere within reach unnoticed by your opponent. On a 7-9, your opponent loses track of you but you only gain a fleeting advantage and something else will trip you up or slow you down. When you will another person (not beast or monster) to see things you way, you always have leverage suitable for Parley. Weak-minded people will never realize that something was amiss with the deal.


Wearing Carrying Essences
flax short pants [0 weight]

shaman necklace [0 weight]

crown of leaves [0 weight]
Dungeon Rations x3 [5 uses, 1 weight]

Poultice x1 [2 uses, 1 weight]
Essence Kit [1 weight]

pouch of cave fungus spore
  • Egërsisë se Tokësi (The Wildness of the Land) - x7 (5 pouches at 2 uses/pouch)
  • Teh të Mprehtë e Jetës (The Sharp Edge of Life) - x2 (1 pouch at 2 uses/pouch)
  • Nga të Cilat Ne Jemi Bërë (From Which We Are Made) - x1 (1 pouch at 1 use/pouch)