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The party lives in Westeros during the Dawn Age, before the signing of the Pact and ten thousand years before Game of Thrones. The singers and the first men have been at war for over one thousand years. The Narrow Sea stands between Westeros and the larger realm of men, as the Arm of Dorne has been shattered by the singers.

The campaign has much less established mythology and lore than the setting of the books. Everything on this wiki is canon in this campaign. Information on other wikis is not. That means all the offsite links I included (apart from my custom classes) can be directly contradicted if play dictates. The world will diverge from the canonical history of Westeros according to the actions of the party. You may rely on the authenticity of historical events prior to the action of the campaign unless DM fiat dictates otherwise (e.g. the First Men really did invade Westeros and start driving out the singers). Some of the commonly held beliefs in Game of Thrones are actually misinterpretations of the truth of this campaign setting, however.



There are two gods, R'hllor (heat, light, contrast, To excite change) and the Great Other (cold, dark, sameness, To promote equilibrium). Neither lays sole claim to the spheres of life & death, nor good & evil. Neither has a concept of sin, though both have a concept of service. Both have divine agents loose in the world.

R'hllor is well known by men, but not universally beloved. Many humans of Westeros worship the Lady of the Waves and the Lord of the Skies, but they demonstrate no divine powers.

R'hllor is detested by many singers.


There are also unique immortal beings in the world, known collectively as Daemons, some of whom may be worshipped by mortals from time to time. These are known as the old gods in Game of Thrones, but they are not gods. Some Daemons may grant magic gifts to mortal petitioners, but their power is not divine.

Only the most foolhardy adventurers would dare to attack a Daemon. The common folk sing many songs of the lucky few who survived such a battle. Everyone know the stories of the extraordinary power those legendary heroes won.


Steadings are scattered and weak due to the constant fighting. Powerful magic creatures of Westeros pose a threat to even a company of soldiers. Great beasts threaten the more remote steadings. Magic is prevalent, but few humans understand arcane power. Nobody likes giants.

The humans are unified under one general, Magnar Yehoshua. Human settlements are responsible for their own defense. They pay taxes to Yehoshua in the form of military service which enables him to conquer new regions. Human strength is greatest near the Narrow Sea, but nowhere on Westeros can humans feel truly safe.

The singers live in different tribes. These are loosely organized according to interest. Tribal identification may change over time as members decide to pursue different activities. There have been no armed conflicts between tribes since the humans invaded, but there is plenty of disagreement between tribes about how to handle the humans. The singers have steadily lost ground during the war.

The giants live in clans according to birth. They often raid other clans for their mammoths. The biggest giant generally persuades the others in his clan to go along with what he wants.


The largest human steading is at the site of Sunspear, though the first men name their town Shechem. Many of the GoT-era towns and castles do not exist in the Dawn Age (I will make a map with the appropriate blanks before we play). In particular, the Wall and its castles do not exist. However, Moat Cailin does, though control of the keep changes hands as battles are fought.

The singers have steadings in locations where they can grow groves of weirwoods. This implies they live in the deep forests, yes, but also in the low lying mountains, grasslands, oases, and other places that a grove can be tended. Where the threat from human is greatest, the singers have retreated to the most remote and inaccessible groves, but in other areas they live in the prime real estate.

Giants are vegetarians. They live in places that support lots of grasses, bushes, and fruit. They practice pastoralism, so one steading may occupy a wide area.

There are other human civilizations on the continents of Essos and Sothoryos.