More government money for DC residents

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More government money for DC residents

Postby quantus » Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:24 pm,0,6769574.story
the Treasury Department will add $2 billion to its existing "Hardest Hit Fund," assisting the 17 states that have unemployment rates higher than the national average, along with Washington D.C. (underline added for emphasis)

DC has one of the lowest unemployment rates of anywhere. There's no need to be funneling even more money there. They already get twice as much benefit per capita from many other programs. At least these residents actually need the money to keep their houses.

California will receive $476 million, the most of any state.

Woo, hopefully this will prop up my house price!
The San Francisco and San Jose areas, which have mounted a strong rebound from the housing bust, also saw prices rebound by about 25 percent. ... from a year ago.

But, I guess the bay area won't get much of that after all. It'll probably end up going to the central valley areas like Fresno (or Fres-YES as they like to say).
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