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Missing: Intel

Postby quantus » Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:34 pm


Now you say, "wait until Oak Trail next year." But tablet makers are saying, "thanks, but we've blazed our own trail."

Oddly you had the cheaper, low-powered ARM(ARMH) processing technology in your hand a decade ago, but it slipped through your fingers. ARM chips rule the sea of mobile phones, but you never found the bridge. In 2007, you sold your XScale business to Marvell(MRVL), now a big player in tablets.

Not to make you sound like a stereotype, but you sort of look like the doofy incumbent that gets blindsided by the cheaper faster upstarts in Clayton Christensen's tech disruptor story.

Maybe this is just the natural course of life for monopolies -- you grow, you dominate, you lose your way.

Unfortunately for investors, the direction is quite clear. It's marked "exit."

Heh, a bit overly dramatic and simplistic, but still amusing.
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