January 06 2010

hey programming people

Everybody's got problems. I got 99 problems but a data parallel, arithmetic intensive task ain't one. Do you have any data parallel, arithmetic intensive problems?

August 28 2008

Giving a talk at CMU on 9/19

I will be in Pittsburgh from 9/16 to 9/20. I'm going to be giving a talk titled Inside Intel® CoreTM Nehalem Microarchitecture and I will be pronouncing every single ® and TM there is. The talk is going to be on Friday, September 19, at noon in Hamerschlag Hall room 1112. I intend to provide pizza.


August 20 2008

Coming to Carnegie Mellon and giving a talk

I am definitely coming to Carnegie Mellon for 9/17-9/19. I'm not sure when I'll leave, possibly 9/20. I will be giving a short talk about the Nehalem microarchitecture to the ECE Department while I'm in town in addition to working the TOC. The time for the talk is still being worked out, so I will post that as soon as I'm able.


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